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Innowave Tech

Manufacturing Simplified

Applying Domain Expertise and Innovative AI Solutions to Transform Productivity and Quality Outcomes

We are Innowave Tech

Innowave Tech is a market leader in Industrial AI, helping factories achieve success in their

Intelligent and Zero-Defects Manufacturing journeys.

Our curated approach ensures rapid identification and achievement of impact with each

deployment phase completed in 8 weeks or less, achieving ROI within 12 months.

By leveraging our deep domain expertise and world-class data science team,

we collaborate with top players in the semiconductor industry to serve our clients globally.

Enabling and Empowering you to Move Towards Intelligent and Zero-Defect Manufacturing

Headquartered in Singapore and Serving our Clients Globally

Trusted by more than 80% of top Semiconductor Leaders

Customer Voices

"Innowave's AI Automation fully automates high-stress and repetitive work, solving the key challenges of  worker retention. This has allowed our workers to upgrade their skills for greater innovation."


Semiconductor Foundry

"Innowave Tech's Auto Defects Classification (ADC) achieved surprising accuracy at the first blind test,  much better than the results we have gotten from other vendors tested over a year."

Section Manager,

Integrated Device Manufacturer

"Innowave Tech's Predictive Technology was successfully incorporated into our smart vision system to detect the sources of defects and scrapped wafers. This truly marks the spirit of Industry 4.0."

General Manager,

Integrated Device Manufacturer

Acknowledged By 

IMDA accreditation
McKinsey Technology Partner
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