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Innowave Tech is an Industrial AI company that delivers scalable enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence solutions for many advanced manufacturing industries.

Our clients are primarily leading MNCs from the Semiconductor, Aerospace, MedTech, and Construction sectors.

Smart Factory Solutions

Smart Factory

Connect > Collect > Analyze > Autonomize

Our suite of AI-enabled solutions allow any factory to perform critical automation tasks with ease:
  1. Connect machines to network and server applications
  2. Collect data from machines and other sources to create our Data Ecosystem.
  3. Rapid analysis of all data, including images and videos, using our proprietary AI algorithms and methodologies
  4. Fully autonomize human expert tasks like machine operation and maintenance
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AI-Core Technologies
Computer Vision solution by Innowave Tech

Real-time Visibility

Innowave Tech’s enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) for smart recognition technology helps you achieve higher levels of strong, real-time intelligent prediction in your customised products. 
Data Ecosystem solution by Innowave Tech

Predictive Analysis

Your internal processes can be faster and more efficient with our AI-driven intelligent data management system. Innowave Tech’s team of experts in data automation and integration will establish your own data ecosystem.
Industrial IoT solution by Innowave Tech

Empowered Connection

Innowave Tech provides one-stop solutions to implement IoT in your factory - from consultancy services and sensors installation to data visualization or analysis.
Robotic Automation solution by Innowave Tech

Smart Factory

Innowave Tech understands complete scope of automation. We minimize cost and disruption and maximize ROI through the system development and deployment with the right piecemeal approaches.
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